Honey Do, the marriage of two words that produce action acknowledgement, acceptance, and amusement.

Honey is a natural splendor of the Earth overflowing with beneficial components. It serves as an enhancer and provider. Do, a verb that simply relates to any performance that has yet to be completed. You are Honey Do.

This program offers young ladies a great opportunity to increase self-confidence, self-esteem, verbalization skills and self-advocacy. They learn how to communicate more effectively with one another, open up about issues they may face and allow adults and their peers to assist them in ways they weren’t previously opened to. In turn, this will decrease the chances of them par taking in negative activities that can challenge or alter the trajectory of their lives.

 Honey Do has established the blue-print for adolescent females to try things they’ve not seen anyone like them experience. It is for the little golden girls who’ve never seen images of themselves deep sea diving, horseback riding, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro or collect and repair classic cars, but want to.  It is time to show the world how awesome they are. They are queen bees who can dominate the planet regardless of their class, creed or origin.

 Honey Do challenges stereotypes, expectations and boundaries that have been placed upon minority and multicultural females by society and social groups. Our young ladies have knowledge and it’s not just academic knowledge, but knowledge about self, knowledge about our community and knowledge about what we want.


 The program targets four main themes: relationships, self-image, healthcare and education. We have added on the bonus themes cultural messages and personal beliefs, which influences a young woman’s decision-making process. These themes help the young ladies to navigate a world outside of their honey pot preparing them for possible life encounters.

 The world is abundant with simple syrup, artificial sweeteners and underdeveloped taste buds. It is time Honey Do coats the universe with nectar leaving a trail of sticky footprints in its path along the road less traveled. Honey Do is smart, sassy, and comfortable in its skin. We let females everywhere know they are more than enough and they can do whatever glazes their mind.